How One Photographer Got Rich

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His best investment was his studio.

No, seriously, Jay Maisel bought a 6-storey, 35,000-square-foot, 72-room building at 190 Bowery in Manhattan for $102,000 in 1966 and it was the best investment he could have made. Why? Because he sold it late last year for $55 million. Not a bad profit.
Personally, I think his setup is every photographer’s dream come true.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a large, multi-storey, live-in photography studio, complete with enough room to showcase your work?
According to the article at PetaPixel, the one big drawback is that the building apparently didn’t have heat.  That would be a problem.  But, I think that’s one that could be corrected.  Of course, for $55 million, he can buy another building somewhere with lower property taxes and have heat and central air!

Anyway, I thought this was super cool and thought I’d share.
Check out the photos and the, unfortunately, laughable video.  The photos of the interior are pretty spectacular.


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