Trivial Pursuits

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Well, trivia about one of my many pursuits, anyway.

It’s been another one of those weeks, so I’m throwing something together at the last minute.  But, at least this is a fun one.  It was recycled recently on Facebook, but the original post is from last year about this time.
I love trivia almost as much as I love photography, so trivia about photography is definitely a little extra special for me.  So, how would you like to be able to surprise people with the origin of the name “Kodak”?  It’s not what you think!  Or how math determines some of the markings on your DSLR?  How about why somebody named “Kelvin” is responsible for how your camera and photography editing programs describe white balance?  All those questions and more, well, one more, are answered by Light Stalking in their article Interesting Photography Trivia to Casually Drop into a Conversation.

Okay, not my absolute best effort, but still fun.
And, the next couple of weeks will be crazy at work, so don’t expect much better for a month or so!