Independent SciFi Movies

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I have two for you this week.

Yes, that’s right, two independent sci-fi movies. One is a short that you can watch in it’s entirety on your coffee break. The other is really just a trailer for the longer movie. Both come to us via

First, I’ll give you the shorter of the two, but with the greater potential.  The movie is called “Dust” and it’s about a very unpleasant evolutionary explosion and the ramifications of that in a science-fictional future.  IO9 shared the trailer in July of 2013.  You can find out more about the whole movie at their Facebook page.  It’s worth hitting the Facebook page for all the footage that’s not in the trailer on IO9.

Back in June of 2012, IO9 shared the complete short film titled “The Gate”, in celebration of an alleged deal for a longer feature.  While they might have gotten the deal, I’ve never heard anything about the longer movie.  At least we can enjoy the slightly disturbing short film thanks to the magic of the Internet.

So, there you go.  Two quick films on a Friday for you.