Fast Workouts

No, seriously, modern science has given us a workout that can be done in 7 minutes.

Loyal readers will know that my weight has gone up and down several times over the years.  The heaviest I ever remember being is 238, which was just before I lost my job in 2001 and ended up being out of work for a year.  I took the weight off pretty quickly then, which was made easier by stress and fear and the occasional lack of groceries!  (Just kidding, Mom!  We always had plenty to eat!)  Usually, how I’ve done it every time was to just restrict my calories and work out regularly.

But, what I’ve noticed is that every time I restart my workout routine, it gets a little harder.  Recently, I was back up to 235 and I decided that I was tired of being fat.  So, I started with the calorie counting and restriction, like always, but restarting the exercise has proven more difficult than ever before.  I’m so desperate that I’m thinking about turning to Lifehacker for help!
In fact, specifically, I’m considering using a workout they shared in 2013 that they claim is based on research and only takes 7 minutes to do.  It seems like a miracle.  But, since I’m working super long hours and I’m always pressed for time, it may be my only option.

It’s also the only thing I’ve got for you this week in the way of a “fun” link.
So, you know, enjoy.