Scientology Petition

I don’t normally post inflammatory things, but I think this is really important.

Long-time readers and friends will know that I have strong, and negative, feelings about Scientology.  Whatever Scientology started out as when L. Ron Hubbard first envisioned his “plan for living”, it has become, in my opinion, a dangerous cult-like organization that hides behind it’s religious status while actually being focused almost entirely on making money.  Based on documentaries and books and news stories of various kinds, I believe that they are, at the very least, indirectly responsible for more than one death and countless ruined lives.  In short, I think Scientology is dangerous and should lose its tax-free status and its protection as a religion.
As it turns out, not only is this not an original idea, but someone has already created a petition on calling for the revocation of Scientology’s tax-exempt status.  I signed the petition, and you can, too, by following this link.

While I urge you to sign and share this, please note that my views on this subject are strictly my own and do not necessarily represent the views of any group or organization that I may be a part of and should not be construed as such.