Starting Up

I love starting things! Beginning something new is such an adventure!

Seriously!  Of course, sometimes, I have a bit of a hard time actually launching some of these ideas I have, even when I’ve mostly built the website.  That’s why, for instance, I’ve given myself a deadline of the end of this month to actually launch  If I don’t launch it soon, I may never!

That doesn’t mean I can’t have a sense of humor about start-ups, though.  Especially internet startups.  I mean, after having my career launch with the internet, basically, and keeping my nose to the corporate grindstone when I watched so many people try, with varying success, to launch every imaginable kind of startup known to human-kind, well, it does help to keep a sense of humor about these things.
That’s why when I saw the Random Startup Website Generator earlier this month, it seemed like old times.  It’s funny and clever and, well, a little close to home!
Of course, what it reminded me of was Wired on-line from that era and all the random Web 2.0 generators they had or had linked to from their site.  The fact that the links were brought together by the same guy who wrote the Wired app is probably no coincidence.  In fact, I even made my own contribution; the Web 2.0 Business Plan Generator!

For fun, compare that to “Cool Startup, Bro“, which are actual startups trying to get a little traction.  I’m not sure if it’s funny, or sad.  By the way, that link brings you to a page that auto-starts video with fairly loud audio, so be warned.

And, hey, start something new this weekend!

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