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I like choices.

Also?  I’m cheap.
How do these things go together?  Simple, I am forever searching for cheaper, or, cheapest of all, free, alternatives to expensive commercial software packages.  Like alternatives to Microsoft products, so I don’t have to pirate them.  Or, free software that can replace Photoshop or something similar.  But, I don’t spend hours Googling for answers like that.  Instead, I go to a site called Alternative To and search there.  (And, yes, if you look for those two things you’ll find LibreOffice and GIMP, which I use instead of the things they replace!)
But, you can also find other alternatives, like, for instance, an alternative to Beyonce.  Or an alternative to the iPad.
And, if there’s not an alternative to what you’re looking for, you can always do the research and add the alternatives you find to save others the hassle.

So, go ahead and save yourself some time and, maybe, some money this Friday afternoon and find some free alternatives to your favorite, high-end software!

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