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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Work Related Changes

So, last week, we finally had layoffs at my company. No, I wasn’t one of them, and, in fact, we lost fewer people than some of our other offices.  Or, for that matter, many of the other people I know who are in the oil and gas industry.  And, while I don’t expect to lose […]

Printing Advice

Digital photographers almost never print their work, but they should. Why? Well, for one thing, while digital formats change, printed work stays the same pretty much forever.  Also, a nice print hangs on the wall a lot better than a digital image stored on a drive. On a personal note, I know I don’t print […]

Tin Foil Hat News

I don’t believe much in the way of conspiracy theory. That’s true whether it’s office gossip and rumors or things of a larger, more sinister nature. I work in the oil industry and, with the price of oil being so low right now, you can imagine the paranoid rumors floating around the office about layoffs […]

Prison Diet

Here’s another reason not to break the law; prison food. Seriously, this stuff is amazing.  And, not in a good way. On the other hand, as brutal as it may seem, it does seem like it would make a pretty effective diet.  Recently, The Marshall Plan posted an article titled What’s In A Prison Meal? […]

Photography for the Fourth

That would be the Fourth of July, better known as Independence Day, which is tomorrow. For those of you outside the U.S., tomorrow is the day we celebrate our independence as a nation by barbecuing and having parades and, most of all, by firing fireworks.  And, oh my, there will be fireworks displays, both large […]

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