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I don’t believe much in the way of conspiracy theory.

That’s true whether it’s office gossip and rumors or things of a larger, more sinister nature.
I work in the oil industry and, with the price of oil being so low right now, you can imagine the paranoid rumors floating around the office about layoffs and who’s going to get fired.  So far, there’s been nothing.  At least, nothing that I’m aware of, but the paranoia is running high.

How does that relate to this week’s free fun post?  Well, it kind of doesn’t, but it did put me in mind of the assorted paranoid conspiracy theories that I’ve heard over the years.  And, that reminded me of Verified Facts, the completely random, but frighteningly plausible-sounding, conspiracy theory generator site.  It’s pretty stunning.

And, hey, if it’s Friday and you have a job that you’re slacking off from to read my blog, it’s also a pleasant diversion from the actual news.


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