Art History – Photography Style

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Browse classic photographic artists and be inspired.

Or, just waste time.
Whichever suits you, it doesn’t matter to me, unless you’re wasting time at my office. And, really, even then I don’t care as long as you’re not wasting my time.  In any case, browsing photography is one of my favorite ways to kill a little Friday-afternoon-and-I-don’t-want-to-do-real-work time, so I thought I’d share this.  It comes to us via DIY Photography and they got it from Reddit.  It’s the Red List’s historical photography.  You can browse by photographer or by subject.  Be warned, though, like any good photography collection, there’s some nudity in it, so it may not be entirely safe for work.  Also, if the site prompts you for an email and won’t let you browse, just but in some nonsense with a “” and the annoying, little pop-up will go away.
I like to browse images from the greats so I can figure out how they framed shots and try to reverse-engineering their lighting.
And, I just love photography.

Enjoy browsing and your weekend!