Flickr’s 20 Under 20

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Just some pretty pictures to look at.

Seriously, I have been under the weather all week and I don’t have a lot left over for even a Friday Fun post.
I don’t know if it’s just allergies or a hateful Summer cold, but my head is all stuffed up and my brain is working slower than molasses at the North Pole in January.  So, pretty much, all I’ve got for you is this one link to Flickr’s 20 Under 20, a “celebration” of twenty photographers on Flickr who are under twenty years of age.  Don’t worry, though, it’s not all selfies.  This is a curated list of photographers chosen by much wiser and older art gatekeepers.  No, seriously, though, it’s a good list and the folks chosen to curate it are pretty talented.  One is the Director of Photography at Vogue magazine and another is a professional photographer who I “know” from Flickr that takes brilliant portraits and is also the Managing Editor for The Photographic Journal.

Besides, we all know that if you had the time to read this dull entry, you have plenty of time to peruse these fine, young photographer’s portfolios.
Oh, and by the way, I may start posting these Friday Posts at different times, later in the day, to test my click-through rates.  Supposedly, posting things later in the afternoon on a Friday will bring me a higher click-rate.  I’m not sure that I believe it, so I may start testing that theory.