Best Air Show Ever!

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I don’t know about you, but I sure could use a little escape this week!

Seriously, with IT staff and consultants visiting from another country for the launch of a super important project at work this week, I’m pretty wiped out.  I could use a little escapism.  So, nothing to learn this week, or even make you think too hard, really.  Just a bit of science-fiction fantasy to feast your eyes on.
As a kid, I grew up literally under a flight path for Glenview Naval Air Station, which has seen been closed.  We used to joke that we could almost serve those pilots coffee from the second floor of my childhood home.  And, since Glenview NAS was such a big part of our community, we were always doing things there.  One of my favorite childhood memories is trooping through all the military hardware they had on display.  (And, once when I was quite small, getting a little too up-close with a Grumman Intruder while talking to the nice Captain who flew her!  My poor mother!)
In any case, this week I bringing you a link that combines that childhood love with my life-long love of science-fiction; The Sci-Fi Air Show.  And, yes, it’s just what it sounds like; a fantasy air show featuring some of the greatest science-fiction franchises from TV and movies.  The photos are stunning!  And, be sure to check out the great “Extras”!

Well, I’ll be busy today, but y’all enjoy the site and have a great weekend!