Woodblock GIFs

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Those are pronounced like the spreadable peanut product, by the way, with a soft “J” sound.

So, you know, don’t be a heathen and pronounce it like “gift” with the “t” left off. The creators intended it the other way.
But, I already digress.  The point isn’t to reinforce the correct way to say it, but rather to give you a link to view some.  And, not just any GIFs, but some very beautiful, creative GIFs based on ancient Japanese woodblock prints.  I’ve loved those “Views of Mount Fuji” era, colored, Japanese prints since I can remember.  And, I’m a child of technology who remembers that the first on-line animation we had was really the animated GIF.  (Which probably reveals my advancing age!)  So, in any case, when you combine classical art with modern-ish technology like this, I just eat up with a spoon!  And, hopefully, you’ll enjoy these captivating images brought to you by GIFMagazine.net, too.
After all, it is Friday and I’m sure you all need to relax a bit as much as I do, so, enjoy!