Apollo Archive

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I love space.

Recently, thanks to the Martian, there’s been a lot of attention on NASA and space exploration.  Frankly, I think there should be more attention paid to the incredible work that NASA does and a larger portion of our National budget should be spent on what they do.
As a photographer, I admire the large volume of images that they release to the public domain every year.  Images that inspire.  Images that educate.  Images that, I hope, lead us to think about life in this universe of ours beyond our own, little world.
So, when I saw a link earlier this week to the Apollo Archive on Flickr, I knew I had to share it with you all.  There’s not much else for me to add, but go take a look at Kipp Teague’s little “About” page describing the project.  It’s not actually run by NASA, but it wouldn’t be possible without them and their help.

So, there you are.  Short and sweet this week.  Just a simple link to amazing photos of our space exploration history.