Don’t Give Up!

If you’ve been grinding away at your NaNoWriMo novel, don’t give up!

Seriously, no matter how close you are, or are not, to getting 50,000 words of your novel out before the end of the month, keep writing. It’s the only way your dream of writing a novel will come true.  I know it’s hard, because I’ve tried at least twice, but if you’ve been writing regularly this month, you’ve already done more than most people.  And, possibly, you’ve done more than you ever have in the past.  Remember, that’s the real point of National Novel Writing Month; to write more and prove to yourself that you can do it!
So, to help keep you inspired if you’re flagging, take a small break and read one of the articles collected at Bookbaby to help inspire you to finish strong and keep writing!  They might not all fit how you feel right now, but hopefully you’ll find a little inspiration in one of them to keep going.
But, if you need a little more inspiration to not give up, check out 25 Lies Writers Tell Themselves and Start To Believe at  If you’ve been writing for any length of time, I’m pretty sure you’ve told yourself at least one of these lies at least once.  But, remember, they’re lies!  Go take a look at the actual truth behind them and then get back to writing.

Seriously, your break is over!  Write!  Write!  Write!