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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Makin’ Bacon

No, seriously, I’m talking about actual bacon not some silly double entendre. Also?  If you don’t like bacon enough to read this, why do you even read my blog?  I mean, seriously, do you even get me? I actually had a talk with one of my doctors about bacon and how if I had to […]

5 Photo Exercises

Did you get a new camera at Christmas? If you did, maybe you’re still learning just how that camera works.  I know, when I got my first digital camera it took weeks of fiddling around to get comfortable with it.  Not only that, but, since I hadn’t really been a photographer in the first place, there […]

Make a Planet

I’ve got nothing this week, so I’m offering a world. My wife and I have been sick the past week or so, which has left me with not a lot of mental bandwidth for my regular posts and writing.  Also, my attention span is short, but at least I find that I’m more easily amused. […]

“Hey Siri!”

Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence? So, the week before Christmas, my wife and I finally upgraded our sad, old iPhone 4 and 4s to shiny, new iPhone 6s.  (That’s an iPhone 6 for her and me, not a single iPhone 6s, just to be clear!)  Ever since, we’ve been walking around shouting “Hey Siri!” at […]

Starting Your New Year

So, here we are, the first day of a brand, new year! Honestly, it’s a pretty arbitrary demarcation of time.  I mean, it doesn’t even really sync up with any significant natural phenomena, like a solstice or anything.  So, really, the whole idea of a “new year’s resolution” is pretty random.  What’s so special about the […]

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