5 Photo Exercises

Did you get a new camera at Christmas?

If you did, maybe you’re still learning just how that camera works.  I know, when I got my first digital camera it took weeks of fiddling around to get comfortable with it.  Not only that, but, since I hadn’t really been a photographer in the first place, there was a lot I didn’t know.
I’ve upgraded since then, and even then, I’m sure my camera has features that I haven’t even tried.  And, I have to admit, lately, I haven’t been doing a lot of shooting in any case, so I’m pretty rusty.  Back in the old days, when I was relatively fresh to working in the IT world, a wise supervisor told me that the best way to learn something was to have a project that required what I was learning.  It’s sound advice.  Having that project automatically set goals and directed my educational efforts.  Learning a new camera is the same as any other technology.  So, what project to start?  Well, how about a project-like alternative; Five Photographic Exercises to Learn What Your New Camera Can Do from Digital Photography School.  (Don’t panic because the link takes you to a “school”, the exercises are free.)

These five exercises are meant to run you and your camera through some basics which will get you familiar with your new toy and, hopefully, brush up your basic camera skills at the same time.  You may even be able to run through them all this weekend, but I recommend that you take your time and really follow every step of the process carefully.  That way you’ll get the most out of it.
And, then when you’re done, think about doing a 365 Project, where you take a photo or self portrait every day for a year, like I did with my first camera.  Or, maybe, the less-intimidating 52 Project, which is the same thing but just one photo a week, instead of one every day.  At least one fellow photographer said that took the pressure off her when she did it.

Anyway, that’s two things you can do with your camera, whatever kind it is, this weekend and year!
See you next Friday!