Get More from Your Commute

Our commutes don’t have to be dead time.

Who doesn’t have a commute any more?  Mine is relatively short now.  Less than 30 minutes, actually.  But, when I lived in Chicago, it was at least an hour each direction, whether I was behind the wheel driving or riding on a train or bus.  I used to read during the riding part of my commute, but, when I was driving, I would have loved Commute Kit.
Commute Kit is a website that gathers together Podcasts, Emails, Aggregators and Apps with various themes to help you fill the time on your commute.  The podcasts are split between those under, or over, thirty minutes, depending on your commute.  Obviously, the non-podcast options are only really suitable for people who have a passive commute either as part of a car pool or a mass transit rider.  Since I live in Houston, where most commutes are measured in drive-time, not miles, the podcasts are what interest me the most.  Those are broken down into “Fascinating Stories”, “News”, “Great Interviews”, “Fun, Games and Comedy”, “Big Ideas + Creativity”, and “Business Startups”, to match your desires and goals.

I haven’t actually started using this yet, but I think I may.  If nothing else, it may give me something else to talk about in interviews, when I start having them, besides the business at hand.  My experience has been that getting people to like me in an interview matters more than my actual qualifications, which, theoretically, they’ve already determined by what my blushing bride assures me is an impressive resume.
Anyone use something like this to make their commute better?  Share in the comments!