2018 Writing Contests

I used to write a lot. Actually, before I blogged, I used to write quite a bit more. My first blog, Diary of a Network Geek, was really an attempt to game the search engines into ranking my website higher so that recruiters would find me. That was in the era before all the job search websites were around. And, it worked, frankly, as my site was the number one hit on Google for “network geek” for years. My second blog, though, was The Fantasist’s Scroll, and was dedicated to writing. The name implies fantasy, swords-and-sorcery writing, but it was all kinds of fiction, including fantasy, science-fiction and more contemporary work. I find, though, that the older I get and the busier my life is, the harder it is to find time to write fiction. Obviously, I keep up with this blog regularly, albiet only on a weekly basis most of the time, but I’m always trying to find a way to trick my internal critic into unchaining the muse and letting me write fiction again. One way that I used to do that was working to a deadline. When you’re not actually a professional writer, that can be hard to do.
That’s where writing contests come in. Even the ones that happen every year have a deadline. A goal to work towards so that work can get submitted. And, that’s what I’m bringing you all this week; The “Complete” Guide to 2018 Writing Contests.
And, yes, I know this isn’t the absolute most comprehensive list of writing contests, but there are quite a few and near the top of the article there’s a link to sign up for email updates when they add to the list. I suspect it’s actually a marketing scheme, but it is free, so maybe it’s worth it.

Either way, if your goal is to write more this year, maybe working something up for submission to one of these contests will help keep you motivated!

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