Thinking About Dad

I’m thinking about my father a lot lately.

Honestly, I feel like I should post something else, but I’m going to end up posting the eulogy I wrote for him.  It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I had hoped I’d be able to focus enough on writing that I’d be able to write a blog post of some kind that was something other than the eulogy.  Everyone said I’d done a good job after I presented it, but I’m a little self-conscious posting it here.  I’ll probably do it anyway because Dad’s been on my mind a lot lately and what I wrote was pretty well approved by the family.  All of my siblings said that it had been good and Mom thought that I’d captured the serious and playful sides of Dad pretty well.  That was important to me.  And, frankly, I’m at a loss this week about what else to say.  Given a spare moment, my thoughts automatically turn to either Dad and how I wish I could talk to him again about family history or current events, or they turn toward Mom and how she’s doing on her own.

I think I’ll go call her and see.

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