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Category Archives: Speculation

Magical Maps

Autogenerated fantasy landscapes feel like randomly programmed dreams. I wouldn’t really call myself a writer any more, since I don’t really write regularly, outside of emails at work and these weekly desperate blog posts. But, I was once, and when I was, I would obsess over what fantasy writers and fans call “world building”. In […]

Tin Foil Hat News

I don’t believe much in the way of conspiracy theory. That’s true whether it’s office gossip and rumors or things of a larger, more sinister nature. I work in the oil industry and, with the price of oil being so low right now, you can imagine the paranoid rumors floating around the office about layoffs […]

Does Luck Exist?

Or do we make our own luck? Opinions vary.  But, I don’t think that it’s complete coincidence that just after Friday the Thirteenth, when I shared with my few, loyal blog readers the origins of that unluckiest day, an email newsletter I subscribe to brings me an article about luck and people who have studied […]

The Luckiest Thing

That’s right, today is Friday the Thirteenth. As I’ve said before, I’m not really a superstitious kind of guy. Not really. But, I’ve known a lot of people who are. When I worked in the hotel industry, I actually had sold room 666 to someone not from a Judeo-Christian background, until a co-worker saw it […]

Future Military

I find myself wondering the strangest things… It is, I suppose, a hazard of possessing an inquisitive mind and, of course, being a writer, even if I haven’t written much lately.  But, I find my mind lingering on the certain ideas.  One of those ideas is what the military will look like in the future.  […]

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