Review: How to Write Great Characters: The Key to Your Hero’s Growth and Transformation

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How to Write Great Characters: The Key to Your Hero's Growth and Transformation
You can learn to write great characters! Are you a screenwriter or novelist who wants to achieve your greatest possible success? Do you want to gain a better understanding of human nature? Would you like to have a set of tools that you can use to create compelling characters? Then this is the book for you. You will learn the ancient secrets of human psychology: the nine fundamental fears that motivate human behavior the nine…

If I had paid money for this book, I’d have been upset.  This was, at best, a long blog post and, frankly, less informative than most blog posts on writing I’ve read.  Allegedly, this was written by an experienced writer who had produced multiple screenplays, among other things.  Based on the writing in this book, I find that assertion hard to believe.  The book barely talked about the enneagram to begin with, so it was hard to get any useful information about how that might be used to make better characters.  Nearly a quarter of the book was a lengthy example based on the move Maleficent, which, again barely had any information about how moving a character through the personality types on the enneagram.  This whole thing felt like a bottom-feeding blogger trying to crank out a quick ebook based on a trendy topic.

Don’t waste your time on this thin, sad, little “book”.  The blurb for this book claims you don’t have to even be a writer, which seems to be something its creator believes, because he didn’t seem to need to be a writer to create it.

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