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40+ Things Every Photo Assistant Needs In Their Bag

What do YOU consider “essential gear” on a photo shoot?

I’ll be honest, most of the time, I’m shooting it’s usually a pretty “run and gun” affair while out interacting with the public.  People generally refer to that as “street shooting”, but I think of it as “impromtu portraiture”.  Either way, I’m generally working alone in situations like that, so the idea of working with assistants is pretty alien to me.  Still, I have to admit I’d really love to assist a big-name pro like Joe McNally or Chase Jarvis or Syl Arena.  The problem is, I have no idea what I’d need to bring or do.

Well, this list of The 40+ Items Every Photography Assistant Needs from the PhotoShelter Blog gives someone like me a pretty decent idea what they may need to bring to a conventional, professional photoshoot.
What I love about the list is that there’s so much more than the usual cables, cords and chargers.  Everything from Sharpies to a multi-tool to antacids to Tylenol, this check list has it all.  And, of course, what Drew Gurian claims is the most important tool in a photography assistant’s bag; plenty of gaffer’s tape!

But, go check out the whole article for all the tips and insight, too.  It’s pretty eye-opening in regards to what all the assistants do for a photographer.  It’s pretty impressive.
Besides, it’s Friday and you’re day-dreaming about your dream job, otherwise you’d be working instead of reading this blog entry!  So, why not go get a better idea how to really break into professional photography?
Have a great weekend, y’all!

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