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Free Movies

Some are better than others, but at least they’re free.

So, yeah, I’m pretty tapped out when it comes to creativity or creative content this week.  It’s kind of been a busy, challenging week in a lot of ways and I just am drained of whatever little bit of creativity I may have this week.  I mean, I’m just out.  But, I post something every Friday, so I’m trying to maintain that little bit of consistency at least.
At least my frustration can be my readers’ gain, as I dip into my old list of saved links and see what fun thing I can dredge up for you.

So, this week, it’s free movies thanks to Zero Dollar Movies.  According to the site, it’s “… a collection of 15,000 movies that are available on YouTube for free. The site indexes only full-length films and no trailers, rentals or partial uploads.”  But, I have to admit, it also looks like there is some pirated stuff in there, too, so if that’s a problem, you should know that may come up in searches if you go to the site.
They’re organized by release date, mostly, but there’s a pretty decent search function, too, so you should be able to find something that interests you.  I suggest just browsing what’s available and checking out the strangest movie that catches your eye.  Hey, it’s free, so why not give something really out of your normal comfort zone a try

It is, after all, a Friday, and you probably don’t have anything to do anyway if you’re reading my site, so check out Zero Dollar Movies and have some fun!

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