Blogging Burnout

I’m feeling a little burned out this week.

When I scaled back my posting to these weekly link posts or reposts, I thought it would be easier than making original content. And, at first, it was. I just had to comment on whatever link I was resharing and set up how I saw it or what I thought of it. It was relatively easy. But, after a couple of years of that, it got a little boring for me. And, the general rule is, if it’s boring to write, then it’s even more boring to read. A bored writer does not inspire people to read their work.
The other thing is, I haven’t written a single sentence of fiction in more than five years. I don’t think I can really call myself a writer if that’s the case. Over the past year, I have filled pages of Morning Pages, which has definitely helped my writing and creativity in general, but it hasn’t gotten me a single word closer to writing fiction. I can probably come up with a lot of reasons for that, but, ultimately, they’re all excuses. Some time ago, I threatened to change the format of what I posted, which I did to some extent, but I quickly fell back into the old posting format. Now, here I am. I’m fairly burned out on all this blogging that I’ve been doing for years. I don’t know who comes to either of my active, or semi-active, blogs anymore, so I’m not even sure who I’m writing for at this point.

So, what does that all mean? Well, I’ll probably step away from the blog for a bit. Maybe a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of months. And, in that time, I’ll try to break through whatever is going on that’s blocking me from writing fiction. I suspect that it’s just fear of looking stupid or like a bad writer after all this time. You know, the usual things that hold a person back.
Blogging has become more of a chore than a joy, which means it’s time to make some changes. I don’t know what those are exactly yet, but either way, I just need to do something different for a bit.

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