I’ve made a fair number of little bits and pieces for WordPress, but they’re scattered all over creation.  So, it seemed like a good idea to gather them all together here, or at least get some links together for them.

Forgotten Realms Weather Widget – Just what it sounds like; a widget you can add to your WordPress site that shows some random-ish weather in the city of Waterdeep.  (And, yes, there are some issues with the graphic display.  Every time there’s an update, it seems like the file paths get a little messed up and I haven’t quite sorted it all out.)

Dale Reckoning WordPress Plugin – A clunkier, older plugin for WordPress that will let you translate your blog’s dates into the preferred calendar of the Forgotten Realms, Dale Reckoning.

Moon Phase WordPress Plugin – This is actually more of a widget, but I made it back when widgets were new.  So, yeah, it’s pretty old.  And, again, it’s just a simple, moon phase display that shows in your sidebar or wherever you put widgets.  Or, alternatively, with a little more work, it can add the moon phase to all your posts at the time you write them.

And, I’ll have other projects, too.  Most of them will be sub-pages of this one from now on.