The future home of the “ComingSoon” theme!

Coming Soon Theme preview
Coming Soon Theme preview

That was a little joke.
“ComingSoon” is a theme meant to help you “park a domain” and keep a site more or less alive while you build up some content and get your WordPress site built.  Based on the incredible work of Ian Stewart at Themeshaper and his LaunchPad theme, this theme has been updated to use the latest incarnation of Google’s Feedburner.   In fact, I recommend that you go ahead and get a Feedburner account setup, if you don’t have one already, before even downloading and installing this theme.


  • An updated Theme Options Page with corrected information about Feedburner and a link to help you get your Feedburner account
  • Integration with FeedBurner, just like LaunchPad
  • Professional design and typesetting, stolen right from LaunchPad
  • Updated customization options which let you change the color of the bold bar in the center of the page (It always annoyed me that LaunchPad only had that ugly orange bar!)
  • Still GPL Licensed—it’s free and you’re free to mess with it.
  • UPDATED: Now you can include a projected launch date, added from the Theme Customization menu!


Using the ComingSoon Theme is simple, it installs like any other WordPress theme, with the exception of needing the aforementioned Feedburner account.

A Word of Warning:
When someone subscribes to your new site or blog with RSS they will be able to read any published posts. So, unless you want them reading your “Hello World!” post, you’ll want to write your own introductory post. I suggest writing a simple introduction to your new blog or site that outlines what it’s about and what your plans are for the future so your new subscribers will have something to read besides the default, place-holder post that installs with every instance of WordPress.

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