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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Creating A World

It’s been said that every writer creates the world in their fiction, even if it’s not science-fiction, for their characters to explore. Photographers can do the same thing. I’ve always been a fan of science-fiction and fantasy in all its forms.  I remember as a kid seeing Star Wars in the movie theater and being […]

Perfect Portrait Posing

So, as promised, or threatened, this month I’ve got nothing but photography posts for  you on Friday. Two weeks ago, I mentioned how I wanted to do more portrait work and gave you a link to a portrait cropping guide. Well, I have to admit, one of the reasons I want to do more portrait […]

Light Painting

Cool light techniques. I love doing tricky things in camera. Look, I work with software all day long at my regular gig, so when I get home, I don’t really want to spend hours and hours working with Photoshop to make a “photograph”.  To me, the whole point is to make photographs with the camera, […]

Portrait Cropping Guide

More photography links this month. I started this blog, and this entire website, to highlight things I enjoy, things that give me life. I meant that to be writing and photography, and maybe a little spirituality lightly sprinkled through all that.  But, I have to admit, lately, there hasn’t been a lot of time or […]

Clean Slate

“Two is one and one is none” – Navy SEAL training slogan In my other life, I work with data.  Lots and lots of data.  All of it is what’s called “mission critical”.  In other words, if any of it gets lost or damaged the boss will have my guts for garters, as the old […]

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