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No, not the year the world will end. I’m not that kind of crackpot. No, in this case, I’m referring to the incredibly simple, but addictive game; 2048. The premise is simple; just double the value of tiles until you reach 2048.  The tiles start out with either a two or a four on them […]

Creating A World

It’s been said that every writer creates the world in their fiction, even if it’s not science-fiction, for their characters to explore. Photographers can do the same thing. I’ve always been a fan of science-fiction and fantasy in all its forms.  I remember as a kid seeing Star Wars in the movie theater and being […]

Games and Gamers

“Shall we play a game?” You know, the funny thing about that quote is that everyone pretty much it remembers it wrong. For some reason, we tend to remember it as “Would you like to play a game?” Isn’t that funny? The quote, of course, is from the classic hacker movie War Games and was […]

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