Out Of Ideas

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I’m completely out of fucking ideas this week.

Good thing I found this post on Lifehacker from 2012 that will tell me what the fuck to do!
Of course, since they’re a big, mainstream site, they shy away from the cursing, but I figure the keywords won’t hurt my site’s rankings, so I’m just going for it.  Their article was titled Seven Helpful Sites That Tell You What The F**K To Do.
They’ve got everything from The Fucking Weather to What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?  And, make sure to read the comments, because someone in there has some Good Fucking Design Advice.

Seriously, I know this post is a little bluer than my regular fare, but I’ve been sick all week and I seriously am out of ideas for posts this week.  These links combined the right attitude and solution for all my problems this week, so, here they are.
Hopefully, I’ll have something better for you next week.
No promises, though.