Photography Cheat Sheets, Again

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It’s been a while since I shared any photography resources here, so I’m going to do that now.

So, in just a couple of weeks a good friend of mine is headed out to a Pacific island for an expedition for work.  Yes, I do have cool friends who do cool things.  In any case, he’s going to be taking a lot of photos, mainly of birds and other local flora and fauna, for blogs and reports he has to do as part of the justification for the money spent on him being sent on this little adventure to a semi-tropical island.  But, he’s a little rusty on his photography and actually only recently got a modern auto-focus lens, having been using his old-school, manual-focus glass.  So, in a small effort to give him some tools to. hopefully, get him a little more comfortable with some of the crunchy bits of the photography experience, I thought I’d share a link to the Photo Argus’s collection of 15 “Must See” Cheatsheets and Infographics for Photographers this week.

It’s worth a look for you photographers who, like he and me, have gotten a little out-of-touch with the technical parts of our cameras.  They cover everything from posing people for portraits, which I have never been good at doing, to just what aperture, ISO and shutter speed numbers all mean.  They also cover focal length control and the three components of exposure and a whole lot more.
They’re great refreshers if you’ve set your camera down for a long time for whatever reason.  And, they’re a great starting point for those of us who may never have been clear on some of these concepts in the first place!