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Basin Wrench

This made an ugly job, namely replacing the faucet in our master bath, a whole lot easier. Seriously, the last time I did this, it took me all afternoon. This time, thanks to my new friend, the basin wrench, it took about an hour, with a break in the middle to let me stretch out […]

We’re Legal Now!

On our way out to catch an early movie and get dinner, we stopped for the most important part of the honeymoon; we mailed our properly signed and completed marriage license back to the county clerk! So, you know, we’re legal now and everything. No more “living in sin” for us!! Published via Pressgram Save

New Wedding Ring

Now that I’m actually married, I kind of don’t want to take my ring off! Published via Pressgram

Gettin’ Real Now!

Well, it looks like I’m going to call her bluff! We’re officially licensed to get married now. Now, all we need is for the preacher and the BBQ to show up on time! Seriously, I can’t believe how quick and easy it was to get a marriage license.  And how happy we both were getting […]

Tile Tools

Today I finally replaced the downstairs shower door, like I’ve been meaning to do since before I got engaged!  Seriously! I know Sharon asked me to do it, too, but I’ve been meaning to tackle that project since I moved into this house more than twelve years ago.  Crazy. In any case, these two tools […]

Introducing Pressgram

I’ve been waiting ages for this iPhone app called Pressgram to go live and it finally has! Why am I so excited? Because I love photography and blogs and this app lets me share both. Basically, it’d like having you’re own, private Instagram without having I be a digital sharecropper for either Instagram or Facebook. […]

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