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Make a Planet

I’ve got nothing this week, so I’m offering a world. My wife and I have been sick the past week or so, which has left me with not a lot of mental bandwidth for my regular posts and writing.  Also, my attention span is short, but at least I find that I’m more easily amused. […]

Modern Art

Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared something that’s just fun to look at. Time to fix that. So, I titled this “Modern Art”, but I really mean “Art made with contemporary tools and media”.  Not necessarily what people typically think of as “modern art”.  Not, as I recently heard someone describe it “Murals made […]

Pretty SciFi Art

No, not mine. I got nothing this week. I’m out of creative ideas and pretty much feel like a spent shell casing. But, I have a good excuse.  In just over a week, I’ll be getting married.  So, this is the last Friday post you’ll see from me for a little bit.  Just kind of […]

All Or Nothing

All or nothing thinking is what drives me and ruins me at the same time.

Seven months ago, to the day, I made the first post on this blog. My goal was to create an entire website dedicated to my personal creativity and the creative output I produced. I wanted it to be the perfect site, have the perfect begining. That paralyzed me…

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